Monday, March 9, 2020

Yggdrasil presents casino games on SBC

Yggdrasil presents casino games on SBC

Yggdrasil launches new casino gamesSeveral iGaming development studios have been using the first months of the year to reveal their upcoming casino games. But a major developer that seems to be keeping its big revelations and releases closer to the end of the year is Yggdrasil Gaming.

It was a surprise that the company announced a great presentation for the SBC Summit, as the event is still far away. According to a press release, Yggdrasil will unveil several new online casino games at the conference, including some titles the company has called revolutionary.

The SBC Summit itself is a new event, to be held in Fira de Barcelona, ​​from 8 to 11 September. The conference will be the largest iGaming exhibition in the world, according to information, but whether this is true or not, we will still see.

Conference details

Although specific details about the main event are still scarce at the moment, what is known about the SBC Summit is that it will have a huge and dedicated Casino Zone. The Casino Zone is a huge 18,000 square meter showroom, which will be designed for development studios to showcase new casino games, including Yggdrasil. However, it is not yet known which other studios are planning major exhibitions.

Regardless, Yggdrasil's chief executive, Frederik Elmqvist, is excited. He explained that, in addition to the company's central presentation, a key conference would also be held in the main conference room, where 700 key industry participants would be attending.

A growing industry

Elmqvist drew up the studio's plans, but first took the time to express that he was a big supporter of SBC. He stressed that the organization's events always attracted the best that the industry had to offer, offering all participants not only the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the industry's future in terms of casino games, but also the chance to interact with professionals with the same type of thinking.

Elmqvist stated that the new SBC site in Barcelona was the largest ever, demonstrating the rapid growth of the global industry. He concluded by stating that it was the size of the SBC Summit, as well as the professionals it attracted, made him decide to plan a big promotional event for Yggdrasil.

Meanwhile, SBC CasinoBeats brand director Stewart Darkin has produced his own press release. Darkin simply stated that Yggdrasil had clearly recognized the potential of the next conference and that, for this reason, the company was prepared to be an important attraction for those determined to attend.


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